THE BRIEF: Grow BIG by Thinking Small

February 14th, 2017

Success, one idea at a time

Grow BIG By Thinking small
It’s easy to set a goal and not accomplish it. That’s what most of us do. It’s not that we don’t appreciate how great it would be to set and achieve goals, but this little thing called human nature stands in our way, pretty consistently. The idea of reaching for something “great” ahead can be consumed by fear and intimidation as soon as we realize there are 52 steps between us and our intended destination. (Exaggerating of course, unless you are climbing the pyramid at Chitzen Itza, then we’re talking 91 steps to the top.)

Why It’s Important to Think Small

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs” – Henry Ford

Success is contingent on the ability to think small. We are talking increments. Steps. Stages. Tiers. Henry Ford was a success story, not because he was immune to feelings of discouragement or fear. He is an icon of business innovation and success because he recognized the challenge to stick to his goals and did something about it. He dreamed of the big picture, and focused on the smaller steps to get there.

How We Grow Big By Thinking Small
Growing big means success. From the moment children can speak, they often refer to their size and desire to “get big”. They recognize that with both physical stature and ability, the world is their oyster. Where do we want to “get big”? Where do we want to improve and grow? In both our personal and professional lives, the possibilities are endless. Like Henry Ford, our success is dependent on our ability to think small. Here’s how you do it:

Focus on one step. Own it. The completion of one step will prepare you for the next.

Looking to bring physical order to your office space? Don’t think the entire space. Think: 1 file to close, 1 corner of the room to organize, 1 item to eliminate. Looking to make headway on a passion project? Don’t think building a company. Think: 1 inspiring conversation, 1 phone call to a potential client, draft 1 email to someone you want to join your network. Think about your big picture goal and break it down into steps you can complete on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Start each morning with a mindful question: What can I accomplish today that will bring me one step closer to my goal?

If accomplishing one step feels too simplistic, think of it another way: There is more joy in accomplishing a small step, versus the joy of dreaming of a lofty goal and never reaching it.

Growing big is all about the journey. Each step is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, what we want out of life. Each step allow us to build relationships, boost confidence and add to the dynamics of who we are. Instead of focusing on the sum of the steps ahead (like the 91 to the top of the pyramid), think about the 1 step you are on. What will this step teach me? How will this one step get me closer to where I want to be? How can I expand my way of thinking so as to be open to new ideas?
Asking ourselves simple questions is a great way to start. Consider your answers to be your first small steps to growing big. You got this!

Lenore Braun, Placement Specialist

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