The Value in Job Searching During the Holidays

December 6th, 2016

The holiday season has begun! In terms of the job search, this is typically a time of year when candidates step back a bit and focus their attention in other directions. Reasons for that vary, but frequently this happens due to the assumption that no one is really hiring during the holidays. If your life during this time of year gets so overwhelming that it really does command your full attention, then by all means, maintain that focus and set the job search on the back burner until January! However, if you’re taking a break from the search because you feel that employers aren’t hiring, you may be missing out on a chance to really gain some traction in the candidate market.

First, it’s of course true that some employers aren’t hiring this time of year. In some cases, it could be the end of the fiscal year, so hiring is on hold while everything is finalized. And then in other situations, there could be so many folks on vacations and out of the office that it just makes sense to hold off until things go back to normal in January.


But with that said, the hiring activity does not completely die off; there are still employers out there in need of top candidates to fill valuable positions within their organization. That’s the first key point here. But there is a great advantage that may seem less obvious. As we’ve already mentioned, many applicants stop applying for jobs during the holidays. So for whatever jobs that do become available, there is likely going to be a lower volume of incoming applications and less competition for those that do choose to apply. The holiday season could be a great opportunity for your resume to stand out even more than it would otherwise.

And last, the other reason to keep the ball rolling right now is that your competition will likely surge after the holidays are over. Once the New Year arrives, it’s a time when many are focused on new beginnings and a fresh start in several aspects of life. As a result, we typically see a huge influx of new applications during the month of January—making it the polar opposite of the volume that we see now. So if you have a little time this holiday season to keep the applications flowing, we encourage you to go for it! By grabbing every chance you have to stand out as a star candidate, you’re boosting your chances of starting off the New Year on a very positive note.

Adam Lafield, Recruiter

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