Finding Summer Work the Easy Way!

May 8th, 2014

We’re always talking about the many benefits of using a staffing service to find a position and how temporary assignments can be a great choice for many applicants out there.  Well, summer is just around the corner!  So now is a great time to talk about summer work.

If you’re planning to be around for the next couple months and would like some work but know you can’t commit to anything permanent, temping could be an option!  Even short-term summer work can be something in a professional office setting, which means it’s a great way to build your resume!  Plus, you also might find something that can really utilize some of those great skills you’ve been working on! 

Some key things to think about all revolve around timing.  Typically, the summer staffing season starts around early June, so it’s important to be available as early in the season as possible.  Next, it’s also important to start the process ahead of time.  Get things moving by completing the staffing service application before the month of June.  This way, you can schedule your intake interview, take care of computer evaluations, and have the staffing service handle reference checks.  With the whole application process totally complete, the staffing service will be able to consider you immediately for any possible matches that may come in for you. 

Also, be sure to let them know of any summer vacation plans you may have. If you’re taking vacations, it doesn’t automatically mean they can’t help you!  This is just information that will be important for the staffing service to share with clients so that everyone is on the same page. 

So time is ticking!  Get a jump on the process today so you’ll be ready for when that great summer work opportunity knocks on your door!