Staffing Services: The Next Generation of your Career Search

October 25th, 2013

Just graduated from college and new to the workforce?  Well, the world is your oyster!  But which oyster do you pick and where do you start?  With nearly limitless options, it can be tough to actually make a choice on your next step.  A professional staffing service could be the perfect stepping stone into the workforce and can prove to be an unexpected, great resource!  Let’s take a look at some reasons a staffing service could be a great tool to use in your search for that shiny new job.

Not ready to commit to a permanent position
There are many individuals who fall into this category.  For example, what if your plan is to attend graduate school in a year?  In that case, you really cannot commit to a permanent job, but maybe you need to earn an income in the meantime and would like to build your resume with business experience.

While most employers may be hesitant to consider an applicant who plans to leave for grad school in ten months, staffing services actually seek out individuals who are available on a temporary basis!  In the world of temporary or contract work, ten months can mean lots of opportunities.  With assignment lengths ranging from 1 day to 1 year, you could have a chance at a challenging, rewarding position—or several such positions—that will add value to your resume!

You’re not sure which career path is right for you
Have any idea of what you’d like to do for the rest of your life?  If not, that’s ok!  You can join the ranks of people of all ages who are still trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up!  Working with a staffing service gives you access to a variety of opportunities and industries.  You may be able to explore positions in medical, legal, academic, non-profit, or corporate all through the same service!  It can be a great way to get out there and start finding what you’re passionate about while also building your resume and earning an income!

For some individuals, the career path ends up being a straightforward, linear direction where one step leads clearly to the next.  However, this concept is becoming more uncommon.  Many individuals stumble upon the career of a lifetime through a position that started as a temporary assignment filling in for someone on medical leave.  Others have discovered a rewarding, exciting career that they never would have found on their own because many employers go through staffing services instead of posting their open jobs.

The conventional job-search method is frustrating
Tired of submitting your resume to the black hole, hoping that you have the right keywords to make it through whatever computer program scans the resumes?  This commonly used application process almost entirely removes the people element.  Working with a staffing service brings that crucial element back to your job search, provided you choose the right one!  With a staffing service, you get to meet with an expert who can advocate for you, giving life to your resume.

“Creating” Wellness

October 17th, 2013

Remember playing?  Just playing for playing’s sake? If it’s difficult to remember such a care-free time, observe a child. Play is a child’s work. Children play just for the sake of playing, not winning, not meeting goals or deadlines, just to play. Their lack of self-consciousness and their low-stress lives allow them to create freely in their world. Legos, paint, play dough, all utilized without rules to express their varied musings. Children are naturally creative and filled with self-expression. What lessons there are to be learned in the carefree expressions of a child!

Creativity is an important component to our overall wellness. It provides an outlet for stress, brings satisfaction, and even helps us physically. When we are engaged in a creative endeavor, doing something we love, we can get lost in the activity. We don’t think about the end product or how much time we have; we lose ourselves in the moment and the process of creating. What a pleasurable experience! These kinds of moments have a positive impact on our mental and physical well-being. We feel more alive, more in touch with ourselves, and filled with purpose. We grow in these moments and feel full of vitality.

We all have a need to be artistic in one form or another. For those of us with very left brained jobs, our right brain may be crying out “Hello! Remember me?” For those of us with very creative jobs, at times we may find the creative ink well has gone dry and are looking for ways to get our creative juices flowing again.


Self-expression is unique to each person. Some write poetry or stories; others bake beautiful pieces of edible artwork, some paint or take photos. Whatever it is we enjoy doing, it requires allowing moments of inspiration to overtake any other demands we place on ourselves. We can help these moments thrive and stay in touch with our creative mind in different ways.

  •  Physically challenge yourself. Try a new form of exercise.
  • Try something you have never done before, just for the sake of trying, not worrying about how well you will do or if you will finish.
  • Stimulate your senses. Try new foods. Savor their smells and complex flavors.
  • Let others artistic expression move you through music, artwork, or films. Most artists start off simulating another until they can find their own voice, their own reasons for creating.
  • Learn to make something – pies, knitted clothing, arts & crafts for the season, etc…
  • Try playing a musical instrument.
  • Take time to relax and meditate. Free your mind from the day’s worries. Allow insights to flow freely in your mind.
  • Play! Get down on all fours and be silly with your kids. Get a box of Legos and build something.  Play a game without keeping score.

For those of us with few creative outlets scheduled into our day, it takes time and energy to get back in touch with our imaginative side. Just as we schedule time for exercise or quiet meditation, scheduling time for inspired endeavors is just as important, not letting them be crowded out by a busy, goal-oriented mind. As in our youth, releasing our creative nature will provide us joy and purpose in our lives, helping us in expressing our emotions and in “creating” wellness.

 “I wish I had it back again

The urge to sip from every mountain stream

Where every season promises

A host of golden, open-ended dreams

And every morning’s joyful

With the prospect of days and nights to come

I love it most of all

The wisdom of the young”


Lyrics by The Saw Doctors “Wisdom of Youth”


Erin, Internal Wellness Guru