Link to Libraries–Making a Difference One Book at a Time

May 30th, 2013

Some of our blogs focus on tips for hiring star candidates or finding that dream job.  And other weeks we explore ways to stay the course on a path to wellness.  However, there are other times where we like to give the spotlight to non-profit and service organizations who are hard at work in our community so we can thank them for making a difference.

We’re so excited about the contribution that Link to Libraries makes for our community’s children!  Since May 2008, this all-volunteer non-profit has connected area elementary schools with books, enabling children in under-served schools to have access to fresh reading material.  Without this valuable resource, some of the school libraries would remain under-stocked and could not provide students with the variety of books necessary to keep them engaged in reading.  Helping children to develop a higher level of literacy keeps them on track towards a bright, promising future of knowledge and learning.

Especially exciting is their new program called Business Book Link.  It’s a great opportunity for a business to benefit a specific school in a variety of ways, from financial contributions to read-a-louds and book donations.  Johnson & Hill Staffing is proud to be involved in this program and understands the importance of giving our future leaders access to books and other crucial resources.  Thank you so much to Link to Libraries for all your amazing work!

Making Change

May 23rd, 2013

Making life changes, especially when it comes to our health, is not easy.  If it were, we’d all be calm and collected, well rested, marathon runners who floss every day.  Our habits and routines are as much a part of us as is our hair and skin.  They even change our brain chemistry making them that much more difficult to alter.  So powerful!

Such power doesn’t have to be a negative thing!  Learning to change our behaviors one small step at a time can help us harness that power towards a physically, mentally, and emotionally healthier self.  Small changes equal lasting results.  It’s like that coin jar where we throw all our spare change.  A penny here, a quarter there, and before we know it, all those little amounts of spare change add up to something of greater value.

One contemporary theory on the process of change suggests, when it comes to making changes in our life, we go through a series of stages.  However, it also recognizes that the process is not a one way street.  A setback is not failure!  It is part of the process.  Any effort made means something has been gained.  It can be difficult to leave behind the all or nothing mentality, letting a setback discourage us from making any effort.  Cycling through the stages of change at various times in one’s life is very common.  It takes time, lots of time, to establish new behaviors and be rid of old ones.  Lasting transformation occurs when we think long term – changing our lifestyle over time.

This series will bring us down the “Way to Wellness”, creating awareness and moving through the stages of change using small, practical goals and ideas toward building a healthier self.  Whether we want to drink more water throughout the day, quit smoking, or run a marathon, it always helps to have some tools handy – some handfuls of spare change – to get us thinking about making lasting transformations and to encourage us along the way towards invaluable wellness.

Erin – Internal Wellness Guru

Way to Wellness–Introduction to New Series

May 22nd, 2013

The staff here at Johnson & Hill continually endeavors to build lasting relationships, not just from a business standpoint, but from a personal one.  We truly care about each individual we come in contact with, the whole individual.  One of our core values includes supporting health and wellness amongst our staff and associates.  So that others may take advantage of wellness ideas we encourage within our company, we will be blogging our new series “Way to Wellness”.  We hope our exchange of ideas will encourage wellness for a balanced, fulfilling life.