Sleuthing Out Top Talent for Your Business–Part 2

February 15th, 2013

Just as a refresher, last week’s post discussed ways to reach out to top candidates in the midst of this talent war. Reaching them is most definitely the first part of the battle.  However, once you’ve captured their attention, the next step is to convince them that your opportunity and company are worthy of an application, right?  We admit up front that this could get complicated because the benefits and perks discussed here can sometimes cost the employer money.  On the brighter side, employers typically recoup some of that by filling jobs with top performers.

For starters, have a look at your benefits package.  Some of the basics often include health insurance, dental, vacation, sick time, personal time, retirement, disability, and life insurance.  Making changes to this component can be very expensive and complicated.  But even if you can’t make changes, it’s still good to at least get an idea of how you compare with other employers so you know what you’re up against.  And even if you don’t do the legwork to determine this, your applicants certainly will.   So why not just be in the know as well?

The benefits package isn’t the only chance you have to make an impact on potential applicants.  You can also add other perks to spice things up a bit!  Maybe you can offer the option for employees to work from home or have flexible schedules.  With today’s focus on work/life balance, these are very important benefits for many individuals and have a great deal of value.  This has been one area where some small businesses have been able to get some edge.  Since larger businesses and corporations often have more structure, they sometimes struggle to accommodate this level of flexibility. Of course, that is not the case with all corporations!

And speaking of work/life balance, how does that factor into your company’s overall philosophy?  Do you encourage employees to take time and opportunities to participate in important events in their personal life?  This also includes giving employees opportunities to volunteer with a non-profit of their choice.  Companies that buy into the concept of work/life balance typically have a strong appeal with job seekers.

Growth opportunities are also key for many top candidates.  Typically, these individuals have no interest in simply taking a job and remaining static in that role.  Instead, they look for opportunities to grow, learn new things, and be promoted upward.  Frequently, they will go elsewhere looking for promotional opportunities if unable to find them within their current company.  In some cases, candidates may be open to something somewhat entry-level if they have the possibility for future advancement within the company.

Also important to many top performers is the opportunity to make their voice heard.  In a collaborative atmosphere, individuals contribute ideas and help shape the company or company policies in some way.  Often, top candidates prefer not to be worker bees.  They invest themselves in the organization and need to become part of its workings.  At first, this can feel like a demand being placed upon the employer, but the result is an employee who goes the extra mile and truly buys into the organization.  Ultimately, that also means greater success for the company!

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